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Calzedonia was founded in 1987 close to Verona, with the aim to create a new way of selling hosiery and beachwear for women, men and children, through a franchising sales network. Little more than twenty years later, the Calzedonia network boasts more than 1.750 shops throughout the world: Italy, Austria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, France, Macedonia, Montenegro, UK, Slovak Republic, Romania, Germany and Belgium.

The success of Calzedonia is the result of a number of factors: the huge range of products, the particular attention paid to fashion, the unbeatable quality-price ratio. These are some of the features that have enabled Calzedonia to satisfy even its most demanding customers. The Calzedonia Group now numbers approximately 26,000 employees worldwide, about 3,000 of which are based in Italy. Calzedonia stands out for its verticalized structure: the ideation, production and distribution of every single product is handled either directly or through affiliates. All sales are through one-brand stores that are managed either directly, as franchises or by foreign distributors. This achievement testifies to how the intimate-wear sector was aimed at a small audience until this unique company's arrival, which succeeded in opening up this product type to "democratic consumption" by a vast public of all ages and means.

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