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Carcasas house was born in 2012 as an entrepreneurial project dedicated to the online sale of all types of accessories for mobile phones and tablets. We are a company whose headquarters are in the "El Pocito" Industrial Estate in Jaraíz de la Vera, Extremadura.

Nowadays, we are a company already positioned and with a significant market share in the sector.
Our differentiating factor is based on the wide stock of products and models, both for the latest devices and those that have been on the market for a long time, no matter how old they are.

Above all, a good positioning and a great confidence in the brand led to an increase in sales and the value of the same, so one day it was decided to take the leap and open the first physical store. After 4 years and having the support of large companies such as Mr. Wonderful, Disney, eBay, Amazon and Fnac, La Casa De Las Carcasas currently has more than 110 stores in addition to a human capital of more than 500 people.

Map of the center