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The Sprinter Group began in 1995 when its first center for the sale of sportswear and fashion met light. Today it is one of the leading national operators in the distribution of sport fashion, accessories and sports equipment.

Currently, Sprinter has 70 outlets and is present in 9 regions.


1995. Opening the first store Sprinter in Valencia (800 m2).
1996. Expansion plan starts in Valencia.
1998. Expansion plan continues, now for the rest of Spain. You start by Andalusia.
1999. Opening the first shop with technical sections, in Valencia.
2003. Sprinter first collective agreement is signed.
2006. Sprinter Store model is redesigned.
2008. Implementation transformation plan with the best retail practices.
2010. Employee number 1000 is reached.
2011. Britain's JD Sports enters the capital of Sprinter.


Map of the center