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A different store concept that brings new experiences to the public, providing access to the jewelry and watches as never before.

With its opening brings to market a specialty retailer in watches and jewelery, which combine concepts as far as prestige and accessibility.

A comprehensive and competitive offer, Time Road you can find products that fit the needs, tastes and budgets of all public, name brand products as watches Festina, Lotus, Calypso, Candino and Jaguar and more jewelry Current Style Lotus, Silver Lotus and the full range of jewelry Time Road.

The Time Road shops are designed as a window to the world of the latest fashion trends in accessories, roam around is to enter a universe in which the style and painstaking details mix to establish a new business model, a unique concept and different jewelry and watches.

With a sleek and modern architectural and interior design concept, all our spaces show a personality as the main attraction offering a fresh and innovative aesthetic and minimalist design according to the values ??of elegance and exclusivity of the brand.

Very bright open spaces that facilitate access to the public and will provide a comfortable and interactive service experience where you can look at, touch and test products easily, run by a team of experts who will advise sellers with the utmost professionalism and personal attention.

Map of the center